Price valid from Wed 15 Aug 2018
Journey through one of Europe’s last wildernesses with everything you need on your back. Over 110km prepare to meet like-minded fellow trekkers, the occasional reindeer herd and mountains that roll into the horizon.

Price valid from Mon 01 Oct 2018
Welcome to a life-enriching week, 1 – 7 October, 2018

Price valid from Thu 05 Jul 2018
Welcome to a life-enriching weekend, 5 – 8 July, 2018

Price valid from Sun 01 Apr 2018 - Wed 31 Oct 2018
We have curated everything you need for a boutique ICEHOTEL stay.

Price valid from Thu 10 Nov 2016
One night in a cold room and a couple of nights in a warm room is ideal, as it gives you time to join wilderness excursions on the days when you have a warm room to return to in the evening.

Price valid from Sat 01 Sep 2018 - Wed 31 Oct 2018
Northern lights. Tranquility. Autumn colors. Morning mist over Torne River. Invigorating Saunas. Dinner by the fireplace. Yet for visitors, fall is a well-kept secret.

Price valid from Tue 01 May 2018 - Wed 31 Oct 2018
Sunny opening offers for ICEHOTEL 365. The spring is finally on its way and the warmth from the sun feels good. At Icehotel we are welcoming the sun a little extra this year, as we can keep Icehotel open year-round thanks to the solar power. Available with arrival Sunday or Thursday.

Price valid from Sun 20 May 2018 - Mon 30 Jul 2018
Experience the Arctic summer at its peak - when the sun does not set for 100 days and nights.

Price valid from Mon 15 Jan 2018 - Wed 31 Oct 2018
Escape on a romantic mini holiday to ICEHOTEL and let the love blossom a little extra. Experience sleeping on soft reindeerskins in -5⁰ C, surrounded by inspiring art made of ice and snow.

Price valid from Mon 26 Mar 2018 - Wed 02 May 2018
Book The Local Vibe before 31 December and receive a complimentary excursion package. Become a Jukkasjarvian for a day and explore the local’s favorite time of year and ideal way to spend a day off; packing the rucksack with hot chocolate and sandwiches, hop on the skis and head off into nature to find a fika (the traditional Swedish concept of a coffee break) spot in the sun.

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