Price valid from Fri 21 Apr 2017
”Hempy in a BOX”

Price valid from Sat 22 Apr 2017

Price valid from Sat 22 Apr 2017
Lemmel Pimpel Open

Price valid from Thu 01 Jun 2017 - Sat 30 Sep 2017
Experience the ice at ICEHOTEL. Available with arrival Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

Price valid from Mon 01 May 2017 - Tue 31 Oct 2017
Escape the city and enjoy a few quiet days at ICEHOTEL. Stay in a warm Kaamos Hotel Room for two nights and roam free amongst the ice art in ICEHOTEL. Enjoy a 3-course dinner, made with local delicacies, and relax with the nature at your doorstep.

Price valid from Thu 10 Nov 2016
One night in a cold room and a couple of nights in a warm room is ideal, as it gives you time to join wilderness excursions on the days when you have a warm room to return to in the evening.

Price valid from Sat 01 Jul 2017 - Thu 31 Aug 2017
Spend two nights at ICEHOTEL and experience more of Lapland. Stay one night in our luxurious Deluxe Suite, a room filled with exquisite ice art with an adjacent warm bathroom and relax, and stay one night in a warm Kaamos Hotel Room. Enjoy a traditional sauna experience in Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna, with a ritual that cleanse your body and mind. Sip champagne out of ice glasses and savor the exclusive ice menu where your dinner is served on plates made from the same Torne River ice that ICEHOTEL is built ou

Enjoy the long and sunny days of the Arctic Spring, experience the ephemeral art in ICEHOTEL and hunt the last northern lights.