Arctic Spring Getaway

From 3093 SEK

per person

Enjoy the long and sunny days of the Arctic Spring, experience the ephemeral art in ICEHOTEL and hunt the last northern lights.

Included in the package

One night in an Art Suite made of snow and ice
One night in a Kaamos Hotel Room
One three-course dinner in Icehotel Restaurant
Free entrance to Icehotel
Transfer to/ from Kiruna
When the sun returns, parts of Icehotel melt back into its source in Torne River and March-April is the last chance to experience the art in the 27th rendition of Icehotel. Embrace the feeling of the spring-winter and stay in an exquisitely hand carved Art Suite made out of ice and snow for one night, followed by a pleasant warm hotel room, Kaamos, the next.